Vision : My Library at Sutera Mall is a vibrant info-hub space for reading and learning.

Mission : My Library aims to bring to the people, reliable information and resources that will enhance the quality of their lives. To help achieve this, we have dedicated staff, useful and current contents,  comprehensive programmes, services and cutting-edge technology.

Our Logo

My Library at Sutera Mall strives to be the leading library in Johor, providing  information and library services for all.  This is reflected in the colourful characters used to form the word “Library” in its logo. 

Each colour represents the various communities the library serves, in terms of varying community and interest groups and age categories.  The colours also manifest vibrancy in the objectives the library aims to fulfill through its service strategies to increase the quality of lives.

The heart encompassing the word “My” intends to instill the sense of belonging among the library patrons, visitors and members alike, to adopt the library as their own, by  taking  the collection, space and facilities as their own precious belongings.

Our Shared Values

  •   Serving patrons with dedication
  •   Seeking and sharing knowledge with passion
  •   Adding values to contents 
  •   Building bridges to the community