Member rate

Membership for Malaysians

Malaysians aged 12 and above need to produce their MyKad/IC to register as a library member.

Those below the age of 12 years will need to produce one of the parents’ or guardian’s MyKad/IC for verification.

Youth membership is for teens between the age of 13 and 19 years.

Senior citizens and handicap can apply for a special category.

Membership fees for the different categories are as stated below:

Types of Membership / Jenis keahlian

Annual Subscription Fee (RM)

(12 and below)


(13 to 19 years)

Senior Citizen
(60 years & above for seniors)



(20 to 59 years)


(Including babies & pre-schoolers)


(All ages)



- Excluding one-time registration fees of RM30 applicable to new members.

* The above rates will be effective from 1st March 2020.

* 20% discount of membership renewal fee will be given, if member renew their membership within 2 months of their membership expiry date. 






19 )

乐龄人士 60 岁或以上)



59 )


包括婴儿 & 幼儿 )





- 新会员需支付RM30一次性注册费



Download Membership Application Forms 

a) Individual Category (Youth\Adult\Senior Citizen\Person With Special Needs\Foreigner)

b) Children Category

c) Family Category

You may approach My Library Service Counter now for more details!

Telephone: 07-5599009 / 07-5569009

Registration Fees

All members are required to pay a Registration Fee upon registration as a member of My Library.

Documents for Verification

Applicants must bring the following documents:

Types of Membership

Documents for Verification


(12 and below)

Children's birth certificate and one of the parents' MyKad/IC.


(13 to 19 years)

MyKad/IC of the applicant.

Adult Category / Ordinary

(20 to 59 years)

Senior Citizen

(60 years & above for seniors)


MyKad and identity card of OKU/documentation of proof


(including babies & preschoolers)

MyKad/IC of the parents/guardians and Children’s birth certificates.

Foreigner (all ages)

Passport of the applicant and either a valid work permit or a student pass.




1. Free access of e-resources & e-books from our multimedia stations and anywhere.

2. Free wifi within the library premises.

3. Free viewing of audio-visual items in the library. One DVD item per day per member.

4. Free borrowing of books & magazines in 4 languages
    (English, Chinese, Malay & Tamil) for all ages (Adult, Youth & Children)

5. Free or discounted rate for talks & workshops organised by My Library.

 Summay of section:

Type of Membership

Number of Items that can be Borrowed

Borrowing Period

(12 and below)

SIX lending items (Books) per card

Books for 21 days


Magazines for 7 days

(13 to 19 years)

Senior Citizen / OKU
(60 years & above  for seniors)

Adult Category / Ordinary
(20 to 59 years)

(including babies & pre-schoolers)

Foreigner & PR
(All ages)



Membership for Foreigners

Foreign Members need to produce their passport and valid work permit or student pass upon registration. They must have a local residential or mailing address in the state of Johor.


Audio-Visual Materials

Audio-visual materials are for library members to view in the two Viewing Rooms within the library. These items are charged at the counter at level 4.

Each member is allowed to view only 1 item at a time for the length of the movie plus a grace period of 20 minutes.

Children members below the age of 12 years will have to be accompanied by a parent/guardian to view AV items.

Members are responsible for any damage to or loss of the AV items borrowed, and any of the equipments used in the Viewing Room.

Any damage or misuse of the service will result in the suspension of the membership and there will be no refund of the membership fee.

Members are to note of any multiple parts in the AV items (refer to the stickers provided on the AV casings) and to return them in complete set.


Mode of Membership Registration

Registration for library membership is done at the Library Service Counter at Level 4 of My Library.

A registration form is required to be completed with relevant documents presented before an application is processed. There are 3 types of membership forms. Applicants are to choose the relevant forms:

  • Main form for Youth, Adult, Senior Citizens, Handicap and Foreigner categories.
  • Family membership form.



Payment of the various fees at the library will be in the following mode:

  • Credit cards;
  • Cheque;
  • Cash.

The fees charged in My Library are for the following fees and services:

  • Library Membership and Registration fees;
  • Replacement of lost library membership card;
  • Renewal of library items;
  • Reservation of library items;
  • Fines for overdue library items;
  • Fees for lost or damaged library items;
  • Admission fee for library programmes;
  • Rental of rooms in the library;
  • Rental of advertisement space in the library.



Library books can be renewed for a fee of RM1.00 for another 21 days.
Magazines and Reference items cannot be renewed.

Renewal of the library item is allowed only when the item has not been:

  • reserved by another member; or
  • renewed once before by the same library member.

Each item can only be renewed once.

You can renew an item:

  • in person with your membership card;
  • via mail received at least one week before the due date; or

For renewals made via fax and mail, please indicate the following particulars:

  • Name of member.
  • Membership Card No.
  • Title or Barcode No. of the item to be renewed.
  • Contact number.

Outcome of renewals via mail, email or fax will be acknowledged.



Members can make reservation for books/magazines via the e-mail. Only ONE (1) item can be reserved at any one time.

A reservation fee of RM5.00 is charged per item and must be paid before or on collection of the reserved item. You will be notified by post or e-mail when the item is available for collection.

Your reservation will expire and be removed from the reservation queue if it remains unfulfilled after 45 days. You will be notified by mail or e-mail accordingly. Please inform the library of any change of address.

The reservation fee will still be charged for uncollected items as the item would have been kept away from circulation to other members.

Please collect the reserved item within the time stated on the notification slip and pay the reservation fee before or upon collection.

Please ensure that you have not exceeded your maximum loan quota before collecting and paying for the reserved item.


Fees and Charges

Replacement of lost library membership card:  If you lose your library membership card please inform the library immediately by phone, fax, email or in person. If the loss is not reported, any charge incurred on the lost membership card, such as fines incurred on loans, lost items and reservations/renewal fees, will be charged to you.
My Library will only note the loss in its library system.

Overdue Books/Magazines

  • Overdue fines are charged at RM 0.50 per book.
  • Items should be returned before 8.00pm (closing hours of My Library) of the stated due date, due otherwise the item will incur overdue charges.
  • Your borrowing privileges will be suspended once charges are incurred in your library account. They will be restored once the outstanding fines are settled.

Audio-Visual Items

  • Audio-Visual Items are to be checked out according to the movie timing.
  • Overdue fines are charged at RM 0.50 per audio-visual item per hour on the day of viewing.

Lost / Damaged Library Items

  • For every item lost/damaged, the member will have to pay the cost of the item lost/damaged, the price of the book and processing fees plus late fines if any, up to the maximum of RM40.00 of fees & fines per item.
  • Replacements for lost/damaged items will not be accepted.
  • There will be no refund once payment is made even if the lost item is found later.  Member can keep the item.

Fees & other charges:


Fees and Charges

Replacement of Lost Membership Cards

  -   RM50.00 per card.

Renewal Fee

  -   RM1.00 per title (For another 21 days for books and 7 days for magazines)


  -   One time renewal only.


  -   RM5.00 per item up to ONE items per card.

Overdue Fines

  -   Books/magazines: RM0.50 per item per day.

  -   Audio-visual: RM0.50 per item per hour.

Lost / Damaged Library Items

  1. Lost Book Charges include:

·       The price of the book and processing fees of RM20.00.

·       Late fines if any, up to the maximum of RM40.00 of fines per item.


  2. Loss of book Barcode Label or RFID Tag: RM5.00 each.

* The above rates will be effective from 1st January 2019.


- My Library Management reserves the right to amend the rates, terms & conditions as and when necessary without any advance notice.


Change of Address

Notify the library immediately in person, in writing or via email, of any change of address. Notification by telephone will not be accepted.

If you are notifying the library by post or email, a photocopy/scanned copy of the relevant documents (e.g. MyKad/IC) should be enclosed together with your library membership card number.

If you are reporting the change of address via the online form, you will need to bring your MyKad/IC or parent's MyKad/IC (for children below 12 years old) or other official documents which bear the new address, on your next visit to the library.


Reminder service

Library members can sign up for e-mail reminders via the library website

Conditions for using this service:

  1. You will need an Internet Email account to use this service.
  2. You will not receive any reminder if you provide an invalid email address.
  3. The Reminder Service is an additional benefit to MyLibrary members.
  4. Absence of a reminder is not a valid reason not to pay any fine incurred.


Membership Expiry, Renewal and Resignation

Members are encouraged to renew their membership immediately upon expiry. They may continue to use the existing membership card which will be indicated with a new expiry date.

If the existing card is lost and a new card is required, a charge of RM50.00 will be imposed.

Resignation can be made in person, in writing, by fax or email. Copies of valid library membership card or official identification documents (e.g. MyKad/IC, passport, etc.) must be presented or enclosed for verification purposes.

All outstanding loans and charges should be cleared before a member can resign. Members can retain their membership cards upon resignation.